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Your Mortgage Guy for Life!

Geoffrey Davis is commonly known as the Frisco Mortgage Guy because he is an integral member of the Frisco community where he lives and works. As a father of four, Geoffrey understands that for most people, their homes are not only their biggest financial investment but also the most important place to shelter and nurture their families. "Keeping it real" is Geoffrey's philosophy and here is how that benefits you:
  • Learn more about the
    Frisco Mortgage Guy!
    Geoffrey’s clients trust him to find the mortgage products that are right for them, always keeping their best interest as the top priority.
  • Geoffrey consistently encourages his clients to set realistic goals around purchase amounts to help them avoid the “house rich/cash poor” trap that homebuyers can fall into when they overreach their budgets.
  • He has always discouraged clients from pursuing risky loan products which may be one reason why many of his clients were less impacted by the recent mortgage crisis than some others in the area.
  • He takes the time to educate clients about home expenses – both expected and unexpected – that can become unbearable when laboring under the burden of debt.
  • His focus is on ensuring that his clients understand the real costs of homeownership, and that they are ready for these costs.
  • Taking the time to get to know each client, educating them, and providing honest, realistic information and guidance is simply the way he does business.
  • Check-out his easy to understand credit tips. He’s always available to assess your personal credit situation and help guide you in ways to improve your score.

$ To Refinance, or Not to Refinance... that is the question!

Wondering if now is a good time to refinance? Visit our Refinancing page and see what goes into answering this question.

As you probably know, your credit score really makes a difference when applying for a mortgage. For the last several years I have focused on the best practices to help clients improve their credit scores and I wrote tips that I am happy to send to you at no cost or obligation.

I also produce eNews; it is not a bland industry template, it is written by yours truly to include regional and national points of interest. It is secure and your e-mail address is protected and never shared with others.


Read all the quotes What others say about The Frisco Mortgage Guy®:

Working with Geoffrey was seamless and he was efficient to work with through email- which is my preferred contact method.  He was always quick to respond and always kept me in the loop throughout the process.  A professional who you can trust has your best intentions in mind.

Emily and Jordon

Geoffrey is the man; don't look anywhere else. Really, no need to shop around for a mortgage, just go with Geoffrey. Easy peasy, done!


Buying a home and moving to a new area was hectic and a bit overwhelming. Geoffrey and his team treated us with respect, patience and kindness. There was a constant and reliable flow of information. Despite a set-back (VA Appraisers....grrrr), our agent and Geoffrey were able to get us into a different home quickly and relatively seamlessly. What could have been a nerve racking experience was kept light and simple.

Amy Sment

Geoffrey Davis and his team at First Untied Mortgage were extremely organized and responsive to all my inquiries. We did a closing in a very short time period and it went flawlessly. Their communication is top-notch and always let me know where I was in the approval process.


Buying a home and moving to a new area was hectic and a bit overwhelming. Geoffrey and his team treated us with respect, patience and kindness. There was a constant and reliable flow of information. Despite a set-back (VA Appraisers....grrrr), our agent and Geoffrey were able to get us into a different home quickly and relatively seamlessly. What could have been a nerve racking experience was kept light and simple.


Geoffrey really knows his stuff. Highly recommend using him. He is very active in the Frisco community as well. I'm using him again to help refi my sisters house.


Available via email or cell when I had a question or needed anything. He worked to adjust my rate down when interest rates fell. His process is streamlined and fairly easy to navigate. He closed my loan on time and without a hitch.


We really feel like Geoffrey was the best person to use to get us our mortgage. He is Honest and forthcoming and really made the process seamless. We were able to provide him what was needed and he did the rest. We are very pleased.

Stephen Atwood

Geoffrey did an outstanding job in helping us get our loan for a new home. He is an honest and hard working guy and I am very comfortable recommending him for anyone in this area. We closed in a timely manner and without any hiccups. All went smoothly. We are very happy.


Great guy, very knowledgable and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I'll definitely use Geoffrey again!


Geoffrey and team were Awsome to work with and made the processes as smooth as possible. They were extremely helpful with any questions and concerns. We have recommended them to all of our friends.


Previous real estate transactions have left me feeling irritated and abused. Geoffrey and his team define the word professional! It was a pleasure and joy to transact business with them. Do not hesitate to call Geoffrey if you need a mortgage or refi.


The Frisco Mortgage Guy, not only do you get a great loan, but you get a good time. Geoff has the right amount of serious and the right amount of fun mixed in to his business. Make sure you reach out when you're in need.

Brian Pierce

I am the closing coordinator for the Cheney Group and I close 150+ properties a year and lenders make a huge difference to me. Geoff Davis not only closes on time, his communication skills are up and above all other lenders I have worked with. He is definitely out preferred lender and I could not recommend him more!!

Cindy Stefani, Cheney Group Closing Coordinator

Going through the mortgage process and getting a loan to buy a home should not engulf your life and be a huge stresser. Geoff and his team minimized nearly all of the stressful aspects and helped me understand the process. Other mortgage companies confuse you with lender language about risk, rules, rates, forms, etc. In the end, working with Geoff was easy breezy. I consider Geoff a close friend that I can trust and count on for all of my future mortgage needs. My recommendation is to not even bother talking to other mortgage companies. You will just waste your time and end up disappointed. There's only one mortgage guy and his name is Geoff Davis!


I procrastinated for too long before starting the refinance process thinking it would be too time consuming. Actually Geoffrey made the process quick and easy, with minimal amount of effort on my part considering the savings I achieved. I appreciate my son-in-law giving me Geoffrey's contact information. Even more I appreciate Geoffrey's making the online process very simple even for a 65 + year old retired guy.


Very knowledgeable and helpful. Geoffery showed me which loan was best for us and really explained the process. He is extremely helpful and customer service minded. He is amazing and I will recommend him to others.


Geoffrey is the best mortgage broker out there! I don't know how he does it but he always has time to answer (in detail) an questions or concerns about the whole home buying process. He is always quick, efficient, and thorough. Super friendly and easy to talk to. He made the home buying process a breeze. I could not recommend him enough, hands down the most awesome mortgage guy!!!!!!


Frisco Mortgage Guy AKA Geoffrey Davis handled my mortgage loan refinance from start to finish . During the entire process I was always in the loop either through emails from him or his very courteous staff. I would and have now since recommended him to my friends and family and would gladly use his services again on any mortgage needs I may have.


There are a lot of moving pieces during the mortgage process along with several people involved. Geoffrey is excellent at communicating and navigating the process for you, the homeowner. We had a wonderful experience on a cash-out refinance, smooth sailing all the way. Geoffrey is low key while sharing his wealth of knowledge and takes time to explain exactly the who/what/where/when/how's of the entire process. We were in constant contact, no question remained unanswered. Over the years we have bought, sold, refinanced, etc. and have never had such a positive experience highly recommend Geoffrey Davis.


I have done three either Mortgages or refinances with Geoffrey. He is amazing , smart and very nice on top of that! He makes the process very easy and explains every thing as far as next steps in detail, so there are no surprises. I really like working with Geoffrey and would not consider using anyone else!


Knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Geoffrey has helped us refinance twice, and we will call him again when the need arises. Thanks Frisco Mortgage Guy!

Liz Marx

Geoffrey and his team were amazing! Their managed to make what is usually a stressful and lengthy process very easy and pleasant. They spent a significant amount of time analyzing our situation to determine the best possible scenario to meet our needs. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you so much!!

Mike S

Geoffrey and his team are absolutely wonderful. They make the process seamless and easy. He is creative in his approach to financiing to make sure you are getting the best deal for you and takes the time to walk you through anything you might be confused on. He is upfront and honest. This is our second house we used him with and both times have been wonderful and we received a better rate than we would have anywhere else.


There are a lot of moving pieces during the mortgage process along with several people involved. Geoffrey is excellent at communicating and navigating the process for you, the homeowner. We had a wonderful experience on a cash-out refinance, smooth sailing all the way. Geoffrey is low key while sharing his wealth of knowledge and takes time to explain exactly the who/what/where/when/how's of the entire process. We were in constant contact, no question remained unanswered. Over the years we have bought, sold, refinanced, etc. and have never had such a positive experience highly recommend Geoffrey Davis.

Paul W

Geoff is the ultimate professional when it comes to handling your mortgage refinance. He is a great communicator and is responsive throughout the entire process. The best attribute he brings to the table is using his vast knowledge to make sure YOU are making good decisions based on your situation. He's GREAT at what he does. I would HIGHLY recommend him!

Rich Allen

Geoffrey Davis is awesome!! This was our second refi with him. Seemless and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Sean Merrell

Geoffrey and his team were by far the easiest and most efficient mortgage group to work with among all of the others that we used in the past. Geoffrey kept us in the loop throughout the entire process and made our experience virtually stress-free!

Tobin Taylor

This was the BEST experience I have ever had. From beginning to end, the refinance of our home was smooth. The research that Geoffrey and his team do and the continuous communication is AMAZING. I would definitely recommend him!


Geoffrey and his team recently handled my mortgage loan and it was seamless, as expected! Several of my family members have used him, as well. A+!

Tracy Horne

It is relatively easy to find great rates with any lender in the market but if you want both a great rate and personal attention, Geoffrey Davis is the guy! Moving is stressful enough let alone trying to navigate the every changing and complicated mortgage loan market. Let Geoffrey guide you step by step and take away the stress of managing the loan process. We liked working with someone who is local and understands the market in which we were trying to buy. It makes a difference when the market is hot and time is critical. Just as you start to wonder what is next, Geoffrey has an email or call already queued up. He literally is there every step of the way and best of all, you can ask any question you want because he works directly with the bank who services your loan . . . no call center. If that is not enough, he has a plethora of recommendations for insurance and home services based on previous customer experiences that takes the guess work out of addressing those needs once you close. Geoffrey attends all of his closings which continues his personal touch and adds a bit of comic relief to an otherwise dry event. Our family highly recommends Geoffrey!


Geoffrey was very knowledgeable, personable and super easy to work with!


"My experience with Geoffrey and his team was nothing less than superb.  Their professionalism, timeless attention to the most minute details, and dedication to getting my loan refinanced and funded was impressive. I would feel comfortable with recommending Geoffrey and his team to anyone and would not hesitate to call on him again for servicing my future mortgage needs."


"I am a real estate investor in North Dallas.  I have used several mortgage lenders on previous transactions but always had problems with the loan getting processed to slow, people not getting back to me in a timely manner, or at all and originators asking for documents at the last minute that should have been asked for at the start of the loan.  On my last transaction, I decided to search for a new lender and fortunately found Geoffrey.  He really helped me to formulate creative options for financing my deals going forward and worked with me to get the lowest rate available.  I could also depend on Geoffrey to keep me informed and his staff made me feel like they were on my team and wanted to get the deal done as much as I did.  Using First United was a great experience and I would encourage other folks to use them as well."


From the start I had a good feeling about Geoffrey, he went beyond expectations with open communications as to the process. At times these came in bunches. He guided me through each step from my application, to introducing his team and support staff.

Not only did he provide updates as to where we were in the process but also what and how we would proceed to the next step. There were also the reminders of what he needed me to be working on so that I was researching to be prepared. It was also interesting that he provided news about where the industry was heading.

Although Geoffrey was great the mortgage process requires a super support staff to grease the rails to make everything flow smoothly. Laurene Montgomery was my key contact and I cannot say enough about her due diligence, follow up and, follow through during each step. She was quite simply great to work with.

Together Geoffrey and his staff made this sometimes complex and confusing process more easily traversed. From signing the application to signing the note at closing, a great team.


When I contacted Geoff about my refinancing, he was quick to respond and even set up a meeting to discuss in person different aspects of the loan.

He then worked diligently with the underwriters and kept me informed about the progress of the loan application. He is also very detailed in his replies. My experience with Geoff can be summed up in one sentence:

Great Customer Service! Well done, Geoff and thank you for helping us secure a refinancing loan. I would recommend Geoff to do your next loan.


Geoffrey, we do want to thank you very much for all you did to make our retirement home come to fruition. We are loving our new home! Thanks also for working so closely with Steve, which made it so much easier on us. We couldn't have done this without him or you.

Ginger and Freddie

Thank you! You really made it easy for us to get our mortgage loan approved, and you certainly kept us informed all along the way. We appreciate the heads up on junk mail - we get tons here, so we are used to supplying the recycle bin with all the requests. We would highly recommend your services for anyone looking for a mortgage.

Harry and Dixie

This is the second time you have originated a home loan for me and you greatly exceeded what I thought was possible this time. Within one month of our request for a home loan we closed without a hitch. On top of that I had just started a new job that same month which made the process even more challenging. Along the way we felt you were always at our side looking out for us during the home purchase process.


My go to guy, easy as always!


We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work on our behalf, vis-a-vis getting us a house. We're loving the place, and it's a really, really cool experience to be able to come home to MY house, and sit down in MY living room, and go to bed in MY bedroom.

I know you worked really hard to help make this all happen, and we really appreciate it. As stressful as it was, I know it would have been ten times worse without you in our corner, taking care of things so Brandi and I didn't have to worry about them. It means a lot to get to work with someone who is not only good at their job, but really enjoys it and wants the best for their clients,

You can be assured that anyone we know who gets into the market for a house will get your name, with the highest recommendation. Thank you so much for all that you did.

Warmest wishes,

John and Brandi

I appreciated being able to handle so much of this information on line and through e-mail!


Our home purchase process was so much better working with Geoffrey! I will always get my loan through Geoffrey, and would recommend his service to all. He was incredibly helpful in understanding the entire process and explaining things I did not know. He was directly available anytime I needed some clarification and treated us like we were his only clients. Geoffrey went above and beyond to assist us in finding the right product for our situation, working with the agent, and making our overall experience super smooth. We are so grateful for his help!


It was a pleasure doing business with you. You’re reputation in the community is what drew me to you in the first place. As soon as I knew I wanted to do a re-fi on my home, I only looked up one name and phone number — yours! You are highly thought of and highly recommended and I’m happy to be included in the group that will be able to tell anyone looking for a new home loan or a re-fi home loan to call Geoffrey Davis!

On a serious note, you have an uncanny way of making the whole process seamless and painless. You know exactly what is needed and spell out all the details very well. Your use and support of today’s technology makes the exchanging of information so incredibly easy. You also have an extraordinary sense of humor that helps take the stress out of the entire process.

Thank you all you’ve done for me!!


I was overwhelmed by your high level of service!


Geoffrey, you took all the pain out of my refinance. Thanks for all you help.


Geoffrey is very involved in the community and is a great resource for mortgage services and beyond. Geoffrey has refinanced two properties for me, and each time the process went perfectly. I could not be happier with the high level of service Geoffrey provides, and I highly recommend him!

Martin Thornthwaite

"We researched many different mortgage brokers before we chose to use Geoffrey. Our decision was based on his professionalism and experience.  One of the finest experiences we've ever had in real estate.  He was extremely responsive to our requests throughout the process.  Stayed on top of things and communicated with us frequently throughout. You will not be disappointed; he's one of the best."

Hope all is well. Best to you,


Geoffrey and his team at First United Bank did an outstanding job on our recent mortgage in Frisco. They were very knowledgeable and efficient and made the entire process as painless as possible. I would highly recommend Mr. Davis and his team on your next residential loan.


You did such a great job of keeping us informed and made the process of buying a home fun!

The Jacksons

Here is what comes to mind when thinking about this loan we just did:

· “Geoffrey is one of the most personable Lenders I’ve ever dealt with.”

· “Even when things needed to get done quickly, Geoffrey’s team had a nice way of articulating the needs of the closing process to hit an exact target closing day.”

· “The Mortgage guy does not make me feel like I’m dealing with a large company when going to ask for a Refi on my house.”
These are all valid feelings of both my wife and I on the Lending process for this transaction.

The Shiffer

Our experience with Geoffrey Davis and First United Bank has been the best!

Geoffrey was so easy to work with. If I had a question all I had to do was pick up the phone and he walked me through the process.

If you are looking to buy a home I would HIGHLY recommend you contact Geoffrey. He will make your loan process as stress free as possible.

Thanks Geoffrey,  I appreciate all that you did to make our process so easy!

The Wilsons

Geoff and his team was a pleasure to work with! They made the whole refinancing process as smooth as we could ask for -- and all in layman's terms!

Tim & Lisa

Geoff was instrumental in helping guide us through the complex process of obtaining a mortgage loan with today's strict mortgage lending requirements. He kept us informed and ahead of the process which minimized the stress of buying a home. He also went above and beyond in several situations to keep us on track for our closing date which ultimately saved us hundreds of dollars. I highly recommend Geoff the Frisco Mortgage Guy!


Everyone involved in this loan process were tremendous!


My husband and I recently bought a house and could not be happier with how smooth Geoffrey and his team made the process!  We chose a less conventional loan option and really felt that Geoffrey listened to our family goals and introduced us to a lot of great options.  Thank you for helping us find and buy our dream house!

Adrienne & Cole

We have known Geoff for 10 years, through Rotary and other connections, so when it came time to look at buying a home out of state, we asked his opinion on how to approach the financing. We were happy to learn that he could help even halfway across the country. It was not really a surprise, knowing Geoff, but still welcome when he went into detail about how we should explore some options in our new area, to make sure we were getting the best option available. We followed his suggestions, and were glad to find that he was able to provide the best terms. We've purchased several homes over the years, but this time we were delighted to experience by far the smoothest and least stress of any such transaction. We were always kept up to date about what was happening, and looked forward to Geoff's frequent and amusing status reports.

Bill & Sue

You may get quotes from other mortgage advisors, but the Frisco Mortgage Guy is by far the best and he is there for you throughout the whole process.

Eddie Church

I want to thank you for your amazing service. You have been so kind and helpful (and patient!) with us during our moments of stress! You explained everything about this process as we went along and answered every question in the most pleasant way. During the times we needed a "picture" to understand something, you provided it. Your assurances and reassurances during this process were immensely helpful and we are very appreciative of your direction and kindness. We would highly recommend you to anyone needing your services.

Thank you so much!

Jimmy and Beverly Bishop

Geoffrey's standards for service and communication are unequalled.  I look forward to working with him again.

Mark & Kelly

Geoffrey Davis provided us with a constant stream of communication through the loan application process and went out of his way to make the title work go smoothly in Oklahoma even though we live in Collin County. We would definitely use him again. We look forward to many years of enjoyment of our cabin.

Patrick and Rebecca

Buying a house is not the most pleasant experience.  Our recent purchase was our second home we have ever owner.  Knowing the issues we had to contend with on the first, we were dreading the worst on the second.  We had some issues on finding the right home for the right price and then working through the efforts of the builder.  But the easiest and most painless process was getting our mortgage done.

Geoffrey Davis of First United was on top of every detail.  We received reminders, updates and what to expect emails throughout the process.  Even months before we found the house.  He came as a referral and now I know why. With everything we had to deal with, this was the least of my worries.  At closing time, the numbers were exactly where he said they would be.  Documents were all in order.  Closing took about 45 minutes.  That was not the case on my first house.

I would recommend Geoffrey Davis to anyone looking to buy a home.

Steven & Aimee

We’ve dealt with many home mortgage brokers for financing and refi’s and you have been the easiest by far to work with and get things done quickly and truly painless for us! The others have been like going to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth out AGAIN! 

We have been throwing your name out there and will continue to do so. We have been very pleased with you and the job you have done for us in the past, present, and no doubt in the future if need be.

Thanks Again!!

The Anderson's

"The process for our home mortgage went very smoothly and professionally. We were very well informed the entire time."

Allen and Bonnie Austin

"Geoff is a straight talking mortgage guy....and he actually answers his phone or will get back with you quickly. I liked that."


Geoffrey Davis is not just a mortgage broker, but a friend and possesses a wealth of information.  When you are going through the mortgage process, it can be very confusing and can present a couple with lots of options but also a realm of very complicated decisions that need to be made along the way.  We found that Geoffrey was able to support all of our needs so we could make informed choices and come out with the best mortgage solution for our family.  He sent us information along the way to make sure we were on top of deadlines but also to help us stay encouraged and diminish any fears we might have been experiencing.  I would recommend Geoffrey without hesitation if you are in need of a lender, a partner in your corner and someone who will watch out for your every need when it comes to buying your next home.

Cathy & Don

It was such a pleasure doing business with Mr. Davis back in April of 2012 on our refinance. We were so pleased with that process that we decided to work with him again later that same year on the purchase of our new home. Even though the bank he worked for was different, the process went just as smooth. It goes to show you that it’s not always the company you finance with that’s most important as it is the mortgage professional you have on your side. You can rest assured knowing that he has your best interest at heart and he knows the mortgage business better than anyone I’ve seen. He also has an excellent team behind him. You won’t go wrong choosing Geoffrey to do your next mortgage.

Chad & Allie Moore

"Geoffrey and his team were a pleasure to work with and made our refinance easy with simple, direct answers to our questions along the way. The First United team was there every step of the way to ensure our refinance was as easy as possible."


Kudos to a job well done by Geoffrey Davis and his team at First United Bank. In the past, I have made some mistakes financially that have hindered me in obtaining certain levels of financing. I didn’t have a great credit score or even a good plan.

Enter Geoffrey Davis. Geoffrey managed to steer me in a better direction. His guidance, professionalism and honesty helped me get on the right track. In a few short months, I was able to repair certain credit issues and with the help of him and his team, qualify for a mortgage.

I am extremely happy to say that we closed on our new home (in Celina) on 5/30 and have begun the process of migrating our life back to a small town, realizing that the small town feel may only be temporary. Thank you Geoffrey for everything you have done. If you need mortgage services – Geoffrey is the man to call.


Geoffrey Davis and his team exceeded my expectations in every possible way. They went above and beyond to make sure I was in the best loan for my situation, and got the best rate. The processing team was easy to work with and was able to get my loan approved to close in 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Geoffrey and his team.


I have purchased a number of homes during my life. This last home purchase with Geoff Davis as my mortgage broker was by far the smoothest I have experienced. The loan approval process was completed in just two weeks. Geoff was always available to answer questions and take care of any changes I needed to make. Geoff was the only mortgage broker that actually showed up for one of my closings. Geoff provides that personal customer support that is so lacking today in banking service.


Geoffrey Davis and his team made the entire mortgage process quick and painless!  Just over two months from our initial email inquiring about mortgages, we were already settled into our new home!  Geoffrey and his team promptly answered all of our questions along the way and efficiently guided us through the entire process.  They delivered a great mortgage with a level of personal attention and detail that the 'big banks' rarely provide.  We strongly recommend Geoffrey Davis to anyone looking for a new mortgage or to refinance an existing one!

Jim & Autumn Tupper

I enjoyed working with Geoffrey on my mortgage process. I used the word "process" because getting a mortgage is not one thing. There are multiple decisions to be made and they all involve large amounts of money and impact your whole family. I feel like I collaborated with Geoffrey on my mortgage rather than just got it from him. I also received valuable advice and a refresher course on the mortgage business. The advice he gave me was non-biased and always in my best interest. There are always bumps in the road and whenever they happened Geoffrey was there to smooth them out.

John Parish

“My wife and I are in the process of slowly relocating to Texas from Illinois. So, our testimonial of Mr. Davis and his staff may address some points not encountered by the people living near his office. My wife and I have never met Mr. Davis in person. So, with that picture in your mind, imagine all the things that could have gone wrong. However, nothing went wrong and he and his staff exceeded all my expectations in providing me the product we needed in a fast, professional, thorough manner using all the technology to get the job done. From the first time we spoke, I could tell he knew his industry and was an ethical businessman. These characteristics were never even slightly diminished throughout the process. I would recommend him to family members and best friends as well as the people I don’t know who may read this. Geoffrey, Thank You Again for making our Texas home purchase PAINLESS."

John Voss

"This was our 2nd refi with Geoffrey after having done our original mortgage with him. Just as before, everything went the way he said it would. He told us what to do, when to be there, and how to help him get us our best deal. Our payments keep going down!"


Thanks to Geoffrey and his team for the straightforward no hassle mortgage process. I knew from our first conversation that Geoffrey was the person to go with on our mortgage because he took the time to thoroughly explain what to expect and in what timeframe. I have never been through an easier mortgage process.  I never had to inquire about the status of our mortgage, because Geoffrey kept us informed all along. Even after closing he kept in contact to make sure we knew when and how to make the first payment.  I would definitely use Geoffrey and his team for my future mortgage needs.

Mark and Lori Burgess

I have now done several refinances with Geoff and once again everything went off without a hitch. The rates and fees were the lowest around and Geoff is wonderful to work with!


"I recently refinanced my VA loan through Geoffrey. Before I went with him, I shopped several lenders and found what I thought to be the best one. I took all that info and let Geoffrey take a look. What he ended up doing for me was FAR and above the best deal. The other guys told me it would take 60-90 days to close, Geoffrey had me closed in just a few short weeks! Not only that, my first payment isn't due until May, so I got to skip my March and my April mortgage payments. His whole process is very polished and smooth and almost entirely electronic which is a major plus. So, thanks to Geoffrey I had a few extra thousand bucks and I just got back from a nice relaxing week in San Francisco."


When my husband and I decided to look for a home we researched and interviewed a host of mortgage professionals before we found Geoffrey. Geoffrey was very professional, honest, and resourceful. He really worked with us to help us get the best rate possible, in addition, he kept us in the loop from the beginning to the end. The loan was processed in a timely manner and we could not have been happier with level of customer service we received from Geoffrey and his staff. We would without a doubt recommend The Frisco Mortgage Guy to our family and friends. Thank you Geoffrey for turning our dream into a reality. 


Every chance I get I mention to my friends what a smooth and great job you did. Thanks again for all your help.

Patti Montague

"This is our 3rd loan with Geoff, not counting the great referral in RI. Long distance closing within 30 day of loan application. Everyone who closed with Geoff are happy with the results, so I am always 100% to endorse and recommend my Frisco Mortgage Guy."


I am a repeat client of Geoff's and wouldn't ever consider anyone else. He is always accessible, translates mortgage speak into easily understood layman's terms, and has a great sense of humor in what can be a stressful situation. He has surrounded himself with a great support team who all reflect the same core values he does. You can rest assured you will be taken care of like family when making the biggest purchase in your life.


“Geoffrey walked us through our re-finance step by step. He was always available to answer any questions and kept in constant contact. No surprises at closing. He adjusted his schedule to accommodate ours when needed. We will definitely use him again if we find ourselves in the market for a house.”

Vance and Darla Gibson

Many often complain about the process of getting a mortgage or doing a refi.  Having recently done a refi with Geoff, it is clear he has a better way.  Geoff has a great team that is focused on customer service.  If you are looking for a mortgage or refi where price is highly competitive and are looking for great customer service along the way give Geoff a call.

Will Sowell

"While the mortgage process may seem daunting, Mr. Davis walks you through the process with ease. With constant communication, I was never left in the dark to what was going on with my particular loan. I appreciated the insight, as it brought a new level of comfort when dealing with such a large purchase."


"We have bought many houses over the years, but I have to say this was the easiest and most "fun" experience we had regarding the mortgage process. Geoffrey and his team were wonderful to work with and always tried to make it as easy, painless and as fun as possible! We would definitely recommend this team to anyone refinancing or buying a home!"

Amy & Jon

In thinking about refinancing our home, we were very wary about the process and time it would take to go through the process and paperwork. Then we met Geoff. Geoff provided us the guidance and direction that made the process incredibly streamlined and efficient. We were closing on our home within 45 days of starting the process. I didn't think that was possible. Geoff was very accommodating with his expertise and walking us through options that would be comfortable with in the end. Even if it meant we may not refinance the house. In the end, we did and are happy with our decision. Thank you so much Geoff for your efforts and making this a very easy process.


Having refinanced multiple times over the years, this was by far our best experience. Geoffrey Davis clearly explained the process, kept us up to date of the progress, and quickly answered any questions. His professionalism and communications really make a difference. We highly recommend Geoffrey Davis to help with your mortgage or refinance.

Chad and Amy Rudy

We recently completed a refinance on our home with Geoffrey and Jenny at Bank of the Ozarks. They let you know up front what to expect and you are not left in the dark wondering what the next step is. Also, not many mortgage companies out there today will go the extra mile and do some of the leg work so you don't have to. With the team at Bank of the Ozarks, you will never be left in the dark. They will get the job done and get it done right.

Chad M. Moore, Moore Insurance Group, LLC

"There are several mortgage guys out there, but none will give you the level of service like Geoffrey Davis. Starting out, my wife and I were unsure that we could afford a new more expensive home. Geoffrey went out of his way to understand our current financial situation and explain to us that a new home was possible. Geoffrey spent several hours on the phone with us discussing different ways to come up with a down payment, how much to put down on the new home, and if the new home was affordable. Trust me, the last thing Geoffrey wants, is to put you in a home that will make you dread your mortgage payment. He understands people want to be able to do more than just own an expensive house. The application and closing process was a breeze. Geoffrey and his team are very thorough and there wasn't a lot of paperwork to complete. After we closed Geoffrey didn't disappear. He continues to communicate with us and he is always there to answer any questions that we have when it comes to financing anything for our new home. We highly recommend Geoffrey to anyone!"

Chris and Sarah Vacek

"Geoffrey and his Bank of the Ozarks team made refinancing our home easy. His team quickly gathered paperwork and made arrangements for our appraisal. We were able to close quickly, actually within 20 days of applying. We had heard from our coworkers that other banks were not as responsive and we are glad that we were kept informed through the process. We've made many personal recommendations to our friends and coworkers to use Bank of the Ozarks as we were impressed with our personal contact, Geoffrey and his team."

Thanks for all your help. Well done.

Cliff & Sarah Tompkins

We appreciated Geoffrey staying on top of the process and making sure it went as smoothly as possible. We would use him again in the future if needed.

Diane & Neil

"It is great working with Geoffrey and his team. They communicate and explain things better than any previous mortgage professional with whom I have worked. They listen to what you are asking for and design mortgage solutions to meet your goals. I have already recommended them to several of my friends and neighbors and will do so in the future if asked.

It was a great pleasure working with you. Thanks very much,"


Before finding Geoff my wife and I were working with a agent who didn't answer our questions or give us the options we had wanted. We felt as though he wasn't listening to our needs. We soon found Geoff who immediately was able to give us an estimate we wanted on the first shot. Being homeowners already we knew what questions we wanted to ask and wanted to make sure we understood what every figure on the HUD meant. Geoff was readily available to answer each and every question no matter how silly it may have been. Buying a home or refinancing can add stress on someone who doesn't know the ins and outs and without hesitation I can say Geoff handled our stress tremendously. In the end we got the monthly payment lowered and the rate we wanted. I am very thankful for his and Bank of Ozarks help in the process and would recommend him to any and everyone.


"Geoff has been our Mortgage Consultant for the past 10 years. We have been through 2 refinance and 1 house purchase with him. Geoff is always extremely knowledgeable in his expertise and keeps up with the constant change in the mortgage industry. This has always given us comfort to know we are in good hands. All three of our transactions were handled well and in a timely manner. Geoff is also very quick with responses to questions and leading us through the process of achieving our goals. I will always highly recommend Geoff to friends and family for mortgage advice. Thanks Geoff for your great service and continually watching out for our next move."

Eric Renyer

"We recently refinanced our home with Geoffrey Davis. The entire process was very easy due to Mr. Davis’ professionalism and attention throughout the entire process. We saved over $300 per month on our mortgage payment"

George and Debra Purefoy

When it came time to refinance my four properties, I didn't bother calling anybody other than Geoff. I've been working with Geoff for many years and I know I can trust him to get me the best deal and the best service. Geoff and his team handled my refinancing project like the expert pros they are! Everything went according to plan and closing happened exactly when I needed it to. His team did a great job of making the process as painless as possible for me and I really appreciated that. I held them to a very high standard and they came through for me! Why would I ever call anybody else for mortgage services?


Geoffrey and his team are absolutely wonderful to work with. They make the process of refinancing a walk in the park.

Very professional, friendly, and make you feel like you’re part of their family. Thanks again for everything.


"We were very pleased with how efficient our refinance process went, from start to finish. We would recommend Geoffrey Davis to all our friends after using him twice ~ we wouldn't use anyone else! He is professional, up front and made the process very easy."

Jenifer & David

Geoffrey Davis is a true professional in his industry. He and his team are very efficient and extremely knowledgeable of the refinancing process. He helped to make a sometimes long and difficult process become quick and easy. It was a pleasure working with Geoffrey.


Geoffrey Davis did an exceptional job on our refinance. He stayed on top of everything, shared what he found with us as we proceeded and provided everything that he promised. I would recommend Geoffrey to anyone looking for a mortgage loan. Geoffrey is not just my mortgage banker but he's now a friend.

Johnny Bernstein

"Geoffrey Davis made the refinancing process go so smoothly! From the first meeting to discuss options, to scheduling the appraiser out, to meeting with the title company to sign the papers. We were able to lower our interest rate, which saved us monthly on our payments. It was a no-brainer! Thank you Geoffrey and Bank of the Ozarks!"

Jon & Gina Lineberger

"This is the best loan processing experience I have ever had. I always knew where the process was and what the next step required was and when it would happen. Thanks for helping us with the loan process and we will definitely use you and recommend your services in the future."

Ken and Launa

"Geoffrey was wonderful to work with. He always took the time to answer our questions and was never too busy to return our phone calls or make sure that we understood what was going on in the loan process. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!"

Kyle & Stacie Sale

“Geoffrey Davis made it possible for my wife and me to finally find time to refinancing our mortgage. I can’t thank Geoffrey enough for making the process straightforward and effortless. We were able to reduce our mortgage rate by over 1% with only minor closing costs.”

Lee McCormick

"I wanted to take advantage of the record-low rates to refinance. I had good credit and stable employment, but I did not want to bring a large amount of cash to the close. I went to the two large international banks where I have done business for over 10 years. Neither bank was interested in refinancing my home. I then went to the credit union I have been using for four years and they were not interested. A coworker recommended I talk to Geoffrey and he had my refinance approved and closed in short order with a good rate. I highly recommend Geoffrey for any mortgage financing."


"It was an easy, no nonsense process from initial phone call to closing to initial payment. We were very pleased with the options that were proposed, the fast and candid responses to our questions throughout the process, and the follow up after closing and funding. I can't believe what a streamlined and service oriented process this was, which let us focus on the house and not on the financing."


"The mortgage I got from Bank of the Ozarks through Geoffrey Davis was one of the smoothest application and approval processes I have ever been part of. Geoff and staff were there to help us with all of our questions and we appreciate his help while we tread the house buying marketplace. We have refinanced a loan and now purchased a house through Geoff and will be back again next time!"



I’d been putting off a refinance because of the dread of dealing with the Mortgage Industry post crisis. Geoffrey made the process painless, quick, and easy - all the while explaining each step of the process in great detail. I got a great rate with low fees and a dedicated mortgage professional for life.


Like most people looking to refinance, I just wanted a simple, no-bs refinance process. That's what Geoffrey Davis is all about: no hidden fees, no surprise items at the closing table, conducting business like an open book, fair rates.

Simple. Fair. Honest. No BS. And customer service over and beyond my expectations.


I've been working in the title industry for almost 13 years and have seen more than my fair share of transactions end poorly because of incompetent lenders. When it came time to refinance my own house there was only ONE option…Geoffrey Davis! He and his team stay on top of everything each step of the way and made things so simple for us. Nothing was stressful or urgent because things were taken care of in such a timely manner. He gets two thumbs up for communication because you will know exactly where things stand throughout the entire process. It went so smoothly I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! I work with loan officers on a daily basis and can tell you that he provides the type of service that everyone should expect but sadly not many receive. From the title perspective, I can promise he and his team do everything they can to make it as easy as possible for their customers. This is NOT the case for the majority of lenders out there. Call Geoffrey TODAY…he's truly the best!

Sara Lockwood

We refinanced our mortgage in December and got an opportunity to work with Geoffrey during that time. He was very professional and answered all our queries in a timely manner. He was even able to expedite the process and we were able to close within a month's time. We had a great experience working with him and will definitely work with him again and would recommend him to friends and family.

Satish and Sujatha Chandra

"We were very appreciative of your efforts in our home buying process. Both Jana and I found process of getting approved for the loan to be pretty quick and easy. What was nice was being able to get you everything via email and not having to schedule multiple appointments or come in. We also appreciated you being very responsive in answering whatever questions we had in the process quickly. I would highly recommend you to others (and have already) and we were very thankful we didn't encounter any surprises or problems in our mortgage process!"

Thanks, David & Jana

I don't think we can begin to do you justice! The loan process was one of the smoothest we've experienced! We were told exactly what was needed up front and had phenomenal communication and "hand-holding" during the entire process. We were also amazed at how painless the experience was. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know in need of someone to finance their mortgage. Likewise we won't hesitate to call you again should we be in the market again!

Warm regards,

Tom & Julie Cavitt

With the rates falling over the past couple of years, I knew I needed to refinance my home but kept putting it off for a variety of reasons, chief among them was the process itself and all the paperwork. I finally decided I had to get it done so I started shopping around and fortunately quickly found Geoffrey and his team at Bank of the Ozarks. Not only did I get the best rate I could find, I got a dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable group that made the whole thing painless and quick. I reduced my mortgage, my rate, and my stress. Thanks Geoffrey.


I would highly recommend Geoffrey Davis to anyone looking for a new or refinanced mortgage. When my husband and I were looking to refinance our house, we asked friends and family for recommendations. Geoffrey's name came up multiple times. I shopped around and not only was he the most recommended, he also had the best rates! Geoffrey made the process very easy and streamlined. He explained exactly what information he would need from us, what the steps would be and how long the process would take. He was also very accessible and quick with his responses whenever we had questions. I'm so glad we decided to refinance our house and use Geoffrey since the process was so easy and it's saving us thousands of dollars over the life of our loan.


We were very pleased with how easily and quickly our refi went. With all of the negative media coverage on lending and grumblings from others we were preparing for the worst but got the BEST! Thanks again!

April & Steve

Good Morning "Frisco Mortgage Guy" Team! "Thank you" to all of you who made our Mortgage Refinance so easy! Absolutely all of you have been a pleasure to work with, and very professional and personable at all times! If I hear of anyone purchasing a home, or wanting to refinance, I will definitely give them your contact information and recommendation!! Thank you again!! It was a pleasure!!

Best Regards, Scott and Lynn Lail

I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the process was. Refinancing in 2011 is much different than in the past. Geoffrey and our loan processor dealt with all the hiccups head on and our loan closed quickly. We look forward to significantly smaller mortgage payments and would recommend the Frisco Mortgage Guy® to all our friends.


"Mr. Davis and his team made our refinance process as painless as possible. They are wonderful at quick, clear, and proactive communication. It is a pleasure working with them, and I would recommend Mr. Davis to anyone."

Brad & Adrienne Herrmann

I had a difficult loan to get done will all sorts of last minute issues. Geoffrey Davis and his entire team worked around the clock to get my loan approved and were able to get it approved just in time. Thanks for the hard work!

Darryl Sadler

"Geoffrey and his entire team made the loan process extremely easy and pain free. They made us feel at ease in the very stressful situation of buying a home. Geoffrey made himself available at any time to visit and allow me to ask questions. He was very thorough in explaining mechanics of the loan origination process and there were no hidden surprises along the way. He was very honest and helped structure the loan to meet our needs. His entire team worked hard for us behind the scenes and allowed us the peace of mind that we were taken care."

Dusty 2011

Kim and I had a great experience working with you and feel that you always had our best interest in mind. From a technology point of view, I thought Dropbox was a life saver - props to you for seeking out new tools to make our lives easier! We won't hesitate to recommend you to our friends in the future.

Hai & Kim

"Geoffrey – I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for working with me to secure my recent Home loan mortgage. I truly believe that without your knowledge, persistence and just your caring, I would not have been able to secure the Loan. While the process can be overwhelming to most; you managed to reduce my stress level by handling much of the paperwork yourself or making it easy for me to just "fill in the blanks". I found you and Bank of the Ozarks to be totally customer focused, friendly and just willing to personally help in so many ways.

I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and would not hesitate to call on you in the future should a need arise."


"I had a difficult loan profile, but Geoffrey Davis provided nothing but solutions. The process was straight forward and I felt like I was involved and informed throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend that anyone that is looking to refinance or in need of a new home loan to get Geoffrey involved as early in the process as possible. Thanks for all the help; you have a customer for life."

Josh & Stephanie

We worked with Geoffrey and his team when building our house. Even with all of their incentives, the builder's mortgage company could not touch Geoffrey's rates. Best of all, he was great to work with and made the entire process very simple. We've recommended Geoffrey to all of our friends and will definitely use him in the future.

Judson & Lisa

I have given your contact info to the broker that is representing us on the old house. You were extremely easy to work with. The most concise comment I can make is that I always felt we were working together and that you did a great job managing all the various constituent interests.


Geoffrey and Bank of the Ozarks did a great job! The team is very knowledgeable and professional! Geoffrey is a honest guy who does his best to please his clients. I would definitely recommend him!


Working with Geoff Davis was an outstanding experience when my wife and I refinanced our Frisco home. We basically turned it over to Geoff and he did all of the work. Other than filling out the normal applications (which were pretty simple) and providing minimal information, we just set back and let Geoff handle everything. His labor and efforts resulted in an outstanding mortgage (best I have ever had on a home) and a very painless process. So much different than what I have come accustomed to over the years having been a homeowner and owner of a variety of real estate for more than 20 years. I highly recommend Geoff for all of your mortgage needs.

Mitchell Todd

Wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all your help in getting me refinanced! Not only was I able to reduce the number of years finance, I did with almost the same payment as my 30 year loan. But above all, I wanted to thank you for the personal service I received. This was the simplest process I could imagine, there really wasn't much too do on my part, and what there was, you did an exceptional job of keeping on course with friendly reminders. Once again, my greatest appreciation to you, and I will continue to recommend you to all my friends in need of help with their home loans. Sincerely,

Patrick Baldasaro

"Geoffrey made what can be a stressful, time-consuming, challenging process an absolute breeze. No surprises, no gotchas, just a smooth process from pre-qualification to the signing of the loan docs. I'll absolutely work with Geoffrey again.

Thank you!" Gary

I am not sure if you recall, but I started this process with you almost exactly 1 year ago. You were helpful the entire time and helped me stick it out to completion. I had no idea how many twists and turns one year could bring, but I feel I experienced them all. I really appreciate all of your help and guidance through the process. I could not have found closure without your help. I greatly appreciate your team's effort in helping through.

Thank you, Doug Bland

"Dee and I have closed on a dozen properties over our career. This was by far the best closing we ever had. You are officially "the mortgage guy", not just our mortgage guy. Thanks so much to you and Jenny for such awesome customer support. Best wishes for the future."

Tommy and Dee

I met Geoffrey through Leadership Frisco. My wife and I called him when the rates were looking pretty good and we suspected that we could do better than our current rate. Geoffrey went right to work for us. He is very organized and able to explain as much detail as we were willing to know. The process was very quick and easy. Geoffrey beat our expectations by obtaining a great rate and reducing our mortgage term, saving us a ton of money. He was able to walk us through several options for closing, and we really appreciated having the latitude to choose the best option for our family. We highly recommend Geoffrey!

Travis & Shelly

I trust and value Geoff's services so much, I am first to recommend him to all my friends and colleagues. Not only does Geoff deliver the overall lowest price, but his advice and continued relationship set him apart from others in the industry, creating in my opinion, true value to all he serves.

Adam and Michelle Byrd

I want to thank you for the smooth ride you walked me through the refinancing process of my house. I had trouble trying to figure out if refinancing makes sense to me or not, however with your valuable input I understood that it was the right time for me to do it and I want to thank you for that. Keep up your great work.

Alex Heredia

We would rate our refinance experience with you and your team as A+ From start to closing, all our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner and your team was great to work with and very professional. We will definitely refer friends and family to you and would use you if we have another need in the future! Thanks for the top notch job!

Bob and Linda Batker

Thank you for your help with our home refinancing!! You made the process stress free and painless. We felt very informed every step of the way as your communication was top notch. I would definitely recommend your services and I would not hesitate to use you again in the future. Once again thanks for everything.


Enjoyed the process and was confident the right decisions were being made for me and my family, not for the banks. Really enjoyed the lessons and time spent answering my "why" questions. I will be passing Geoffrey's information to my friends!

Chris Mechsner

It was evident throughout our refinance process that Geoffrey and his team have been in this business for some time. They kept us well informed, explained each step of the process, and gladly answered questions along the way. One of the things that impressed us the most was their desire to always improve what they do and how they do it. Even with the years of experience in this industry, they don't settle for 'good enough'. There is a reason he is THE Frisco Mortgage Guy®. Thanks, Geoffrey. 

Daniel and Rhonda Colgrove

Thank you again for your assistance throughout this process. We are happy that we refinanced when we did and we are happy that we found you and your company.

Diane Marks

Working with the Frisco Mortgage Guy® was a breeze. This is rarely, if ever, stated when working with the bureaucratic organizations typical of mortgage companies. There were absolutely no obstacles. The Frisco Mortgage Guy® made this happen without incident and with our best interests in mind.

Frank and CJ Lawlis

We just wanted to thank you for your help with our refinance.  We have been putting it off for a few years because of the stress and time we felt it would take.  We are so grateful you helped us out and did all the hard work for us.  You and Mynetta answered all our questions quickly and made the process go smoothly.  We were amazed with the rate and with the short amount of time it took to complete.  We have already recommended you to our friends!  We will definitely use you again in the future.  Thanks so much!

Gary & Kim Hays

We had a great experience working with Geoffrey (aka "The Frisco Mortgage Guy") and his team on the refinancing of our house. For what can sometimes be a frustrating/anxious process, our process went very smoothly and met all of our expectations. Questions were always thoroughly answered and many times even before we had asked the questions. We'll definitely be back the next time we're ready to refinance.


We were very pleased with the refinance process your company provided. From the moment we first contacted you, until closing, you and your team were extremely responsive as to any questions we had and you kept the process moving along. We would highly recommend your company to any of our family and friends who are in need of a mortgage broker.

James and Diane

We were very pleased with our experience with our recent home mortgage refinance. It was reassuring to have an expert on our side willing to go the extra mile.


"Geoffrey, we definitely made the right choice in selecting you for our home mortgage re-finance. You and your team communicated very well through the entire process and were able to answer our questions quickly and effectively. What impressed me most was your clear effort to make sure the loan was right for us. This was, by far, the easiest home mortgage process I have ever been involved in. Kudos to you and your team. We will definitely use you again in the future." Thanks again.

Jon & Amy Coners

Geoffrey and his team are phenomenal. The personal service and honest approach to the mortgage process is unmatched. It is very obvious why he is rated one of the best in Dallas - because he is!

JT and Shannon

You did a great job setting expectations….each transaction is unique and has its own flavor/characteristics. Keeping us informed of process, information, and misc documents needed throughout. Providing us peace of mind along the way that you were there for us and attending the closing is nice too. I have never had a Broker show up to the closing before. Thanks for it all!

Kent and Pamela McQuade

Finding a mortgage can really be an intimidating task, but from start to finish our experience with Davis Family Lending was top notch! In fact, we were so impressed that we have since referred several friends. Geoff has a clear and transparent approach that we could not find in other brokers. It was wonderful to work with someone that we knew we could trust and who clearly had our best interests at heart.

Matt & Jennifer Vonderahe

Great job Geoffrey and team (even to me, a non-Frisconian!). I shopped rates through Lending Tree and Frisco Mortgage Guy® beat all comers on rates and fees. Thanks again!


It was a pleasure working with Geoffrey and his team to refi my loan from Chase.  Hopefully others will find their experience with Geoffrey as timely, courteous and painless as I have.


"Geoffrey really knows his stuff! He answered most of our questions before we even thought to ask them! His pro-active and personalized service is second to none. With his expert knowledge, personalized approach, and competitive rates, why would you use anyone else?"

Rob and Deanna Farish

If people are looking to refinance or buy a new home then they need look no further in regards to finding a mortgage company to help them out. I have bought many homes but I have to say that this was the most pain free process I have ever gone through. If you treat everyone the way you treated me, for their mortgage needs, then they should feel confident that they are getting the very best that money can buy. I loved the way you and your staff worked with me. You answered all my questions and never once made me feel that my questions were unimportant. You always gave me a quick response. Truthfully, I didn't have to ask too many questions because you kept me updated throughout the whole process and anticipated every question I could even think to ask. You never left me wondering about the process because I felt that I was informed of every step you took. What a truly wonderful experience and I would never ever hesitate in using your company again and I would be more than confident that I could recommend you to any person without fear of you not doing a wonderful job for them also. Once again, thank you very much for a job well done.

Sincerely, Daniela DeBacker

As Tracy might have already told you, everything went smoothly at the closing. Thank you very much, for making the process very quick and smooth for us and for answering all our questions patiently, We will definitely recommend BOTO to anybody who is in need of a refi or a new mortgage. You have a wonderful week. Thanks again!! Regards,

Sujatha & Satish

I really appreciated you and your staff's help getting our refinance completed. It was so nice having you walk along beside us throughout this process and knowing that if anything came up you were handling it. You saved me a lot of time and money by taking care of all the "little" things so I could continue to do my job and not spend an exorbitant amount of time getting through the refinance process.

Thanks again for all your help. Mike

Thank you so much for all your help with our recent financing. After just having gone through a refi with our bank, we can truly appreciate the personal service that you gave us compared to them. Unlike working directly with a bank, we were always able to get a hold of you at any time of the day when we had questions or concerns. Also, we loved that you were able to work with us to find the best financing available for us and not just what one bank was offering. With this economy constantly changing the financing world, a borrower really needs a broker like you who keeps up to date with all the changes and keeps their client so well informed. We are so looking forward to working with you again.

Thanks!!! Brandy Scott 2010

"As with all loans, there are often unexpected hurdles that appear. Mr. Davis and his team were well equipped and proactive in moving everything along throughout the entire process, no matter what issues we faced. I will be using them again soon!"

Thor Thornhill

We've been watching the rates for quite awhile. When we finally decided to take the plunge and refinance, Geoffrey answered all our questions and helped to make it a painless process. He and his staff were easy to work with and quick to respond to everything we sent their way!

Todd and Christine Saville

Veronica and I were VERY pleased with the service you provided. You delivered exactly what you promised on the GFE and there were no surprises at Closing. We especially liked that you made yourself available for all the questions we had as first-time homebuyers. You were patient and explained things very clearly spending more time with us that we expected. Working with Davis Family Lending was the most pleasant part of our entire transaction and we have already recommended you to a co-worker (a fellow cyclist, by the way).

Brian & Veronica O'Donnell

We have closed two loans through Geoffrey and will gladly close our next transaction through the Mortgage Guy. In addition, I have referred friends and business associates to his attention because I know he will represent me and himself with the utmost of professionalism. Once he starts working with your file, you can rest knowing he will close your loan on time and as promised.

Chris Jamison

Davis Family Lending went above and beyond when it came to helping finance our dream home. This was our third time financing a house and the process was much easier and far less stressful than any other process we have ever experienced. I have had enough bad experiences to expect bad surprises at closing like: increased closing costs, higher interest rates, etc.. This time, the only surprises were that Geoffrey actually attended my closing and the closing agent at the title company said "This is the lowest interest rate I have ever closed!" Wow!!! They should change the name to Rockstar Family Lending, because Geoffrey Davis Rocks!!!!

Dr. Brian A. Bullitt Bullitt Chiropractic, P.A.

Working with Geoffrey and his team at Davis Family Lending was a pleasure from start to finish. From his research on different rates and lenders to closing day document execution, Geoffrey was there to explain the process and make closing our new home loan a great experience for us. Anyone shopping for a new mortgage owes it to themselves to speak with Geoffrey first. His solid experience and excellent customer service skills will certainly exceed your expectations.

Hill Abell

This is our family's third home purchase in 6 years and I personally wish that we had used Frisco Mortgage Guy® from the get go. I realize that today's bank loans require much more insight and Geoffrey Davis and Jenny Henley made it a smooth process for us. It was reassuring to know that we were in their hands to manage us through it all. It is one thing to get the job done but it is another when you are provided exceptional service over and above the norm, which is what we received with Frisco Mortgage Guy®. Heaven help us if we move again anytime soon, but if we do, I will not hesitate to contact Geoffrey.

Jeff and Haley Lindley

We have only good things to say. We never expected to get such a good interest rate and in today’s financial turmoil plus functioning without a Realtor, how could we have maneuvered through the chaos if the Davis Family would not have been there.

We were frustrated, at times, due to the new regulations and time delays which were out of your control but we realize you were doing what was needed to keep the paper flow moving as smooth as possible.

Thanks for all you did for us. We love our new home.

John Gibson

Geoffrey will take care of you like none other. Always a quick email or call away and made everything very simple and straight-forward. Honest beyond reproach, integrity of the highest level. The only name I will ever give out for mortgage needs from now on. We thank you so much for taking care of our clan. Happy biking my friend!

JT and Shannon Mistr

"I have dealt with a number of brokers in the past for various reasons related to principal and investment property, in which my first experience with Geoff was considered one of the smoothest and diligent brokers I've ever worked with. His team has a "partnering" mentality and I felt like they fully understood the objectives from a timing and economic perspective. Also, he takes the time to educate - which is a unique quality that I find extremely valuable from a mortgage broker. We will certainly consider him for future transactions, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality broker."

Leo Fox

He locked us in at 4.5%! Need I say more? I asked him to keep an eye on interest rates and look what he did for me. If you need a broker you can trust that will go above and beyond to get you the absolute best deal, Geoffrey Davis is your man.

Lewis & Shari Meyers

As first time home buyers the process alone can be incredibly intimidating. There are seemingly endless things to account for and be aware of. Without the right person to guide you it could be a long trudge through a dark, scary world. We went with Frisco Mortgage Guy® and found someone who made the entire process painless and quick. None of the horror stories you so often hear. Geoff was always available and quick to get back to us with any information we requested. We can't think of a better mortgage guy to have on your side. He did a fantastic job for us!

Lucie & Eric

“A friend recommended Geoffrey to us when we were considering re-financing. We could not have been happier with the service provided, and closing could not have gone easier. Geoffrey was very organized, and prepared us well. He also provided us with an EXCELLENT mortgage rate. We have already recommended my wife’s parents to Geoffrey as it appears that they will be purchasing a home in the area. I would not hesitate to use Geoffrey again in the future.”

Mike & Amanda

I consider myself a very thorough person. When I was looking to refinance my mortgage, I wanted the best deal and called four national banks directly plus applied on Lending Tree. Geoffrey Davis beat them all! I'm self-employed and my husband and I had a complicated work history so our loan was not easy. Geoffrey answered all of our questions and walked us through very step along the way. Never once did he pressure us or try to rush us into doing something we weren't comfortable with. He was superb and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for mortgage broker.

Rebecca Low

"Four years ago my wife and I transferred from Kansas City to Carrollton and purchased a home with the typical 30 year note. When interest rates dropped we were considering looking at refinancing options when a friend recommended we see Geoffrey because of their pleasant experience working with him. Best thing we could have done. We were able to handle much of the transaction over the phone. Geoffrey showed us the amortization for a 30 yr vs. 20 year loan and gave us a flat rate and a good faith estimate that was very close to the actual numbers. Geoffrey even worked it out so that when one of us could not be at the closing due to travel, he assisted with getting a power of attorney to get the deal closed. Good experience in every way."

Richard and Liz Ward

"We recently refinanced our home with Geoffrey Davis and had a great experience. He exceeded our expectations and his staff was professional and courteous. We are already recommending Frisco Mortgage Guy® to our friends and family. Keep up the good work!"

Steve Burris

Geoff is a real blessing! He had our best interests in mind by watching rates and encouraging us to refinance before we thought to ask. We trust Geoff and his excellent, responsive and detail-oriented staff. And we love the opportunity to tell our friends and neighbors about his business.

Thanks, Amanda & Jake

I had been working with my current lender on refinancing my house but my current lender was looking at how much they could make on the refi. Instead of how much they could save me and retain my business. I spoke with my investment banker and her recommended I call the Frisco Mortgage Guy. I live in East Texas and he made the process easy and took care of all the issues, including getting me better terms than what I had originally planned. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an honest broker that puts his client first.

Todd Hyde

“Geoff and his team were great to us during the home financing process and relocation to Frisco. They were always quick to respond to our questions and made sure we got the lowest rate possible. We would highly recommend the Frisco Mortgage Guy® to anyone that is purchasing a home!”

Tom Kelly

I have bought and sold many houses in my life, and it always seemed like a long drawn out hassle. For the first time in my experience this was not true. Geoffrey and his team made the process very easy and straight forward even with the new federal restrictions. All my questions were promptly answered, he locked in the best possible rate, and his presence at the closing was very comforting. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

WF Howard MD

Geoff is the most honest, sincere, caring person in this line of work in North Texas. His primary concern, by far, is that the deal goes smoothly, painlessly, and without any of that hype or doubletalk that is prevalent in the mortgage business. There are certain things in life you trust only to a very small number of people; watching your kids, your finances, and buying a home. Geoff is one of the people I know I can trust without one shred of doubt. In this day and age it is almost impossible to find someone who does what they say, when they say without making excuses. Geoff Davis is one of the last people in the service industry that does this. I would never ever consider another mortgage guy - he is mine for life!

Ken Munson

This was the best way I could describe what Geoff did for us, he thinks of others 1st. Without Geoff we would never have been able to buy a house. I personally do not think another mortgage person would have gone through that he did for us.  We will never forget it, and he will be our mortgage guy for life.

Ted and Crystal Renyer

As a first time home buyer, and an educated consumer in the realm of credit, I had high expectations from a mortgage lender; but had no idea where to start to find the right person. As luck would have it, based on a referral, the first person we spoke to was Geoff Davis, and knew immediately that this was a sincere and intelligent guy. Geoff, along with my realtor, made our mortgage process a pleasure - seriously. We were laughing and smiling throughout the entire morning, Geoff even came to the closing! I know 'financing guys' in many industries, and he is one of the good guys.

Torrey Remmert & Todd Landry

Geoffrey did an incredible job not only ensuring a competitive closing fee and an even lower interest rate, but more importantly he guided me and Michelle every step of the way in the largest investment of our lives.

Adam and Michelle Byrd

"In today's overly hectic working and family environment, you need the process of financing a new home to be so simple and painless that it almost happens without you even being involved. To do this you need a broker you can totally trust to give you the best deal available and to proactively manage all of the potential issues that delay closing long before the closing date arrives. Geoff is exactly this type of broker. I trust him like a brother. I also know that buying a house with him is a stress-free process, because he shoulders the stress for you."

Allen Abell

Elizabeth and I were both surprised and actually comforted by your presence at the closing. I have never heard of a broker attending the closing. The mere fact of you being there got us our keys within a few minutes of signing the final docs. Not to mention the absolute amazing customer service that you provided throughout the entire process, even with Julie giving birth right in the middle of the whole thing. Awesome is not a powerful enough word to describe your work. Thanks for getting us into our new home on time!

Greg and Elizabeth Bobo

Geoffrey did a great job for us. He was very professional in advising us on how and when to get the best rate in the fluctuating market of the time. With patience on our part as well as his everything worked out great. He wasn't there to just sell us a mortgage but to work with us.

Ken and Dawn

I don't know if you remember my telling you that this house is the one that we inquired about several years ago. At that time you gave us some pointers on improving our credit...good advice! Ever since then, I have made it a point to drive by it several times a week to see if it was up for sale again. Then on that one Thursday night, there was a 'For Sale' sign in the front yard. You were so kind to answer our questions via cell phone and email over that weekend. We put a contract on the house within a few short days, thanks to your quick response in helping us get pre qualified. As a matter of fact, the house was not even officially listed yet, and we had a contract on it. 

Anyway, thanks so much for your genuine interest in our family and for all of your effort. We do appreciate you!

Michael and Teri Carter

I've had the pleasure of working with Geoff several times and on every occasion my client has had a positive experience. Each person I've referred has come out of the process better educated and with the best deal they could get. Geoff is great with communication, anticipates problems and has consistently had everything ready for closing early, which is rare. He once helped a client close a purchase in a day and a half! Most of all, he's someone you can trust.

Nick McCoy- Keller Williams

Impeccable, high quality service is clearly job one for Geoff. Working with him on my mortgage refinance was as painless and quick as this complex transaction can be. When unexpected hurdles arose, Geoff identified clear solutions and proactively kept me informed of the status. He stays on top of every detail and gets the job done on time and at a fair price. There is no need to look further for the best mortgage broker around.

Sandy Herndon

We really enjoyed working with Geoffrey for the mortgage on our first house. He made it very easy for us to get a loan from California so we were able to purchase our house in Texas with as little travel as possible. Also, he was able to set our minds at ease throughout the entire process. He fully explained the entire mortgage process. With his help we were able to move into our new home with ease.

Amanda and Phillip Foose

Geoffrey did an excellent job of keeping everyone informed of where we were in the process of providing a loan for my buyers (my daughter and son-in-law). I will definitely be sending him more of my business.

Ceil Snoddy, Keller Williams Realty

With so many issues to deal with when buying a new house, it really helps that Geoff makes the mortgage shopping experience easy for his clients. You have the feeling that Geoff is friend as well as your representative in the process, and he is the only broker we know that takes the time to attend the closing at the Title Company to make sure all goes well to the completion of the loan.

Don and Kathy Barnwell

I have worked with a number of other mortgage lenders in the past. Previously I just called several banks or lenders after online searches to obtain a mortgage. I must say that I've never had anyone follow up with me as consistently as you do. Candidly, as an investor with rental property your follow-up and assistance to ensure I've got tenants is amazing as I know you only gain good will from this effort. You've truly gone above and beyond. I have no hesitation referring you to anyone. Thank you,

Eric Austin

While several of the “traditional” lenders gave me the impression that I should be thankful to give them the opportunity to loan me money, it was truly a privilege to work with Geoff Davis. One of the best things about working with Geoff was that he worked with me to setup goals and criteria for my mortgage experience, rather than simply getting my information and giving me a one shot “best” deal on whatever day I happened to call him. Not only did Geoff do an excellent job explaining anything and everything I didn’t understand, but at the end of the process there was no doubt that I had gotten the best deal without anyone having to sell me on it. Geoff’s customer service, knowledge, and personal interest were incomparably better than anyone else who tried to bid my loan. I would highly recommend Geoff Davis to anyone who is looking for a mortgage, regardless of the type and size.

Jake & Amanda Crain

As a real estate investor, I can’t say enough good things about Geoff and Good Guy Lending! My loans are always handled professionally and efficiently and most important of all, there are no big bad surprises at the closing table! That is a must in my business where having a deal crumble at the end can break your back financially. Geoff makes sure that I get great and efficient service not only from his people but from the title company and the lender as well. You just can’t go wrong with that kind of professionalism, service, and dedication. My thanks to Geoff and the great people at Good Guy Lending!

James Donaldson

Buying a house with a new spouse should be the most fun in your life. Thanks to Geoffrey, it was exactly as it should be - a blast. The fun didn't end there, as the mortgage was cheaper than we expected, and Geoff was up-front about all costs. There was absolutely nothing hidden, no surprises, no 'little things' we found out about after signing up. After buying many cars and getting back to the finance office, we expected to have some last minute negotiations with finance. It did not happen. I have and would recommend Geoff Davis to every relative and close friend I have.

Josh & Laurie Vinyard

I spent a lot of time researching the best way to get a loan. Even though I had direct offers from lenders I decided to go with Geoffrey. He was able to get me what I wanted – low interest rates, no closing costs, and no down payment. We got money back at the closing! He was always available to answer my questions! I highly recommend him.

Kelly Spradley

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you that YOU RULE! I bought a house with a temporary construction loan from a bank. That loan was only good for 12 months. I originally intended to fix up the house and sell it, but I decided to live there instead. When I tried to refinance with the bank after the construction was finished, they told me that I didn’t qualify for a mortgage with them because I had another mortgage payment for the condo I was living in, and some credit card debt. But when I called you, you found several different lenders for me to choose from, even though on top of it all I was also self employed. In fact, you even got me a low interest rate that I never expected with a stated income loan. Here’s where the story gets even better though! Several months later, I sold the condo and paid down most of my credit card debt. You found another loan for me that was such a terrific rate that I refinanced again and locked in an awesome 30 year mortgage deal. Since then, I recommend you to all my friends who are buying a house or talking about refinancing. Thanks!

Lars Hundley

My wife and I have known Geoff for years through our volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. When the time was right, Geoff promptly and professionally obtained a home equity loan for us to purchase our dream retirement property.

Mark and Alice Shaw

My wife and I have just completed our refinance with Geoff Davis. Even though I have known Geoff through Rotary for over two years, I am the type person who checked with several Brokers and directly with 3 mortgage companies, before I decided to work with Geoff. I am an experienced mortgage and real estate person, who has closed literally hundreds of real estate transactions over my career. I must say that Geoff worked harder, was more accurate and honest, plus he kept me better informed than any mortgage person I have ever worked. His knowledge, integrity and personal hands on approach made my wife very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage loan for any reason.

Mike & Jane Wyant

We couldn't have been happier with the service we got from Geoff. He worked hard to find us a mortgage, and despite the fact that my wife and I were both changing jobs at the time, he found us a great rate. Then he went the extra mile -- the day before closing, he found us a better rate!

Steven and Martha Bell

How do you write a testimonial about your buddy? In true Geoff Davis fashion, I say with the utmost sincerity that he is and always will be our only "mortgage guy"! My wife and I were lucky to have great people with us every step of the way, through our home buying process. Since Megan hasn't known Geoff as long as I, we "shopped around" and compared other mortgage people. Believe it or not, this was Geoff's idea. He wanted to make sure that everyone was "on the same page". We talked to others, but never got that secure feeling we have with Geoff. Geoff's honesty, knowledge and accessibility are second to none! Thanks for everything and we will definitely send all of our Austin referrals to you.

Thank you, Eddie & Megan Church

We've moved twice in 4 years, and have just completed our 2 nd mortgage with Geoff, and couldn't have been happier with the process and his service. He understands that his business is built on the trust and the referrals of his clients, and will find the loan that's best for you. He also stays on top of the many details involved in a home loan and will educate you through the process to make sure you are comfortable and fully understand this very important financial decision.

Todd & Joellen Joy

As first time homebuyers, my husband and I only had a vague idea of what we were getting into. Geoffrey was able to walk us through and explain every step in the process. Not only is he helpful, straight forward, and honest, but he got us a great loan at a great rate and to the closing table within 3 weeks of finding our home. He really made our first home buying experience easy and we definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing home. He’ll be our mortgage guy for life!

Tom and Suzanne Bates

We have been through other brokers, but we continuously have used Geoffrey since he always given us fast prequalifications, hasty feedback through the mortgage process, and always recommended the best loan for us. With his honesty and preparation, we have always come to the closing table on time and with no surprises.

David Morley

As an independent rep in the bike industry, I know how difficult it can be securing loans for big ticket items, as the securitization level seems to be a bit higher. As far as the loan process went, I can honestly say that we virtually did nothing, just let you work the loan through. If more people knew that, they would be knocking on your door more often! Please feel free to refer me as a satisfied client at anytime in the future.

Greg Allen

Thanks for taking such good care of my guys this year; they all said you did a great job getting them into their homes. Woody says you run your business like ours, customer service as your first priority, guess I taught you something.

Jim Hoyt, Owner, Richardson Bike Mart

"We just purchased our first home and Geoffrey exceeded all of our expectations. He answered every question and even showed up at closing. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a honest and hardworking mortgage guy."

Julie and Ken Howell

Geoffrey's attention to detail and follow-up is what caused us to build trust with him quickly. He's professional and yet easy to work and talk honestly with. I never felt I was asking a dumb question since Geoffrey always treated me professionally and with respect.

Michel Eichamer 2005

"Geoff refinanced our home for us in 2002 and out of the 4 loan process's I've been through, it was the quickest and easiest. He managed a very smooth process and left no questions unanswered even though I was in Colorado and he was in Texas."

Joe Triplett

"It's refreshing to do business with a person who still knows how to give GREAT customer service, sound advise and does what he says. I have done multiple loans with Geoffrey and hope to continue to do business in the future."

Luis Aparicio

As a former client, I was very impressed with Geoffrey's promptness, professionalism, and knowledge of the industry. I trusted him for my mortgage, I've recommended him to other people who have used and been impressed by his services, and I recommend him for yours. I'm also an appraiser with my family business (Jones Appraisal Services, Inc.). We're very careful about who we associate our family name with, especially in business. I have been so impressed with Geoffrey's personal, family, and business values, that we have developed a successful business relationship with him as well. Geoffrey is a very well rounded upstanding and honest guy. Anyone would count himself/herself lucky to associate with him either personally and/or in a mortgage transaction.

Robert Jones

"I would like to refer to my experience with Geoff as the EXCEL goes like this E engaged (from the beginning to the end). X explore (questions were asked and answers were provided). C communication (casual and professional discussion). E empower (encouragement was provided to consider options). L launch (complete satisfaction built on trust)

Sue Monroe

Using Geoff for our mortgage needs was a very wise decision. With only three weeks to close and Geoff's hard work and knowledge our deadline was reached. We will surely recommend Geoff to family and friends.

Eric Renyer

I really felt like you took great "care" in all of our needs and concerns regarding our transaction and beyond.

Michele and Ryan Moore

"Geoff's service should be called Intelligent Mortgages. He analyses your financial situation, goals, abilities; compares to options available in the market, and finds the best mortgage tailored to provide the best value. The Frisco mortgage guy IS your mortgage guy."

Sam Ang

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