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  Credit Score


Why is my credit score so important anyway?
Your credit score has a huge impact on your financial future. This number can be a valuable asset for you, enabling you to enjoy low interest rates and incentives on major purchases. Conversely, a low score can result in higher interest scores and missed opportunities.

Where can I get a free copy of your credit report each year?
They may not have the catchiest jingle or the funniest commercial, but the only place to get a truly free credit report each year is  Lots of sites claim to offer a free report, but beware of hidden costs and obligations. As stated on their website, is the official site to help you get your free credit report.


How does FICO work?
A FICO score is simply a numerical compilation of your financial history which is used by lenders to determine your potential credit risk. Higher score = lower risk for the lender. Your score is made up of your payment history, what you currently owe, the types of credit you use, new credit and length of credit history.


Here's an example of how financial difficulties can impact your FICO score:

So, what now?

  1. Review your free credit report once a year via
  2. Consider buying your score (with caution – make sure it's a real score) under these circumstances: There is only 1 true FICO score, buy from either or from one of the 3 bureaus only!
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