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As a top-producing mortgage planner in Frisco, I have had the pleasure of assisting more than 135 families each year in buying or refinancing their personal slice of the American Dream. My experience working with people just like you to help them secure their financing objectives has provided me a great sense of fulfillment. I love helping people reach their goals, and I'm ready to bring my enthusiasm and experience to the mission of helping you with yours.

Personal Passions

I am dedicated to my work, but I'd also like to share with you a little about what I find important outside of mortgage planning.

My Peloton
One of the most unique life opportunities I have enjoyed was serving as an Olympic torch bearer in 1996. I am also very involved with my family, cycling, church and community activities, including working as an ambassador to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce since 2003.
Davis Clan


Family is the most important aspect of my life - especially since the spring of 2004 when I became a new dad. My first son, Lucas Andrew, has brought me a whole new sense of purpose and meaning, and I can't imagine life without him. Our second son, Seth William, joined us in the winter of 2007 and is a wonderful addition to the family. Let us not leave out our twin girls, born the summer of 2009 (Grand Child #12 & #13 for my folks). Let me not forget to mention the wonderful day in May when I meet the woman of my dreams, Julie. We were both in Austin, TX, working in different capacities for the Ride for the Rose bicycle event, "Lance's Ride." Julie was with an advertising agency representing her Subaru clients and I was a Technical Representative for Specialized Bicycles. We had a wonderfully romantic courtship that eventually lead to me quitting my job and moving states to be closer to her. As time moves forward one thing stays the same, the friendship that started has continued and grows stronger each day.

Mom and Dad
I've also been blessed with a large extended family with whom I love to spend time. Thanks to my two sisters in Kansas and my brother and sister here in Texas, I have nine nieces and nephews, and I taught each one of them how to ice skate.

My family has always encouraged my growth; my parents and siblings have been excellent mentors. I am who I am today because of these wonderful people with whom I have shared my life, and for that I will always be grateful.

Relishing a moment of victory


I've been cycling since I was 18 years old. My interest was first piqued back in 1984 when I watched the cycling competition in the Olympics. A couple of years later, I asked for a bike for my high school graduation present. I received a great high-end European road bike and I was hooked.

I love cycling because it gives you a real sense of freedom. Taking a ride down a country road on a bike, you will see things that you would never see if you took that same drive in a car. And I love that I can share this experience with a group of friends. Cycling really makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself.

From 1993-1996, I won category I championship honors in the Kansas State cycling competition, including road racing, time trial, team time trial and cyclocross. I was also the founder of Mountain Bike Lawrence, the first mountain bike club in Kansas. In 2007 I was encouraged to take a more active roll of the Frisco Cycling Club. I became Sponsorship Coordinator and Treasurer- we have become a very active Club in the City of Frisco. In 2008 I became club president.

Join us each year for our 5k fun run!
Baptizing our son, Luke
Baptism with Godparents
Baptizing our son, Seth
Baptism with Godparents
Baptizing the twins


Giving back was something I watched my parents do while growing up in Manhattan, KS so when I was invited to become a Rotarian in 2004 I leapt at that opportunity. Rotary is a service club, founded in 1905 by a Chicago attorney named Paul Harris and is sort of a family tradition. My father is a Rotarian in Lawrence, KS, my father-in-law is a Rotarian in Fairbanks, AK and both my grandfather and grandfather in-law were Rotarians. I hold my membership in the Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club to the highest standing I am able to and have been fortunate to receive several Club and District level awards over the years.

The God Thing

Spiritual life is of great importance to me. It is the foundation upon which my family and I have built our character, principles and ethics. I had resisted going to church over the years as I was always "busy" on Sundays- that all changed when I fell in love with Julie Lynn Kohler. It is to her credit for the personal development I have had over these last several years of church participation. I wonder how different my life would have been if I never met Clay Lein, Catherine Thompson, Terry Reisner, Greg Methvin and Diana Freeman to name a few.  Listen to this sermon from Father Clay (6MB, mp3 format). It was one he gave in July of 2007 and talks a little bit about my son.   We attend Preston Trail Church here in Frisco where my wife and our oldest son serve in the children's ministry.

Julie and Father Clay at
Habitat site

Habitat for Humanity

Working in the mortgage business helps remind me every day that everyone needs a place to call home. This is a very basic human need and many people struggle desperately for it. Habitat for Humanity is an organization I think is vital to the community. I was a Board Member for Plano Area Habitat for Humanity from 2003-2008 as well as a committee member for Family Selection. That committee is a natural fit for me to help applicants with any prior credit dings and helping them to better understand how the FICO model works. Both my wife Julie and I are actively involved in promoting its mission.

Habitat for Humanity


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