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Online Loan Prequalification

It is not as easy to qualify for mortgage loans as it was say back in 2006. That is why getting yourself pre-qualified for your home purchase, refinance or pulling equity out is pivotal. Don't waste time reviewing rates and fees from lenders until you know what type of financing you qualify for.

The prequalification process is easy and free with First United Bank. Our turnaround time, once we have your form is typically that same day, but by the following day for sure! Click for Application

Once we receive it we will

  • completely build a loan application for you on our system,
  • pull a credit report and send you a copy for your records,
  • analyze the income and loan information you provided with the findings on your credit report.

And then we will even run your file through an automated approval engine if necessary to give you peace of mind your financing is under control. After that, when we send you a copy of your credit report, we will also e-mail you a Closing Worksheet based on that day's pricing for the type of loan you inquired and are prequalified for.


Call Geoffrey Davis, The Frisco Mortgage Guy today 214-529-9622 or visit him at his office 6401 S. Custer Rd. McKinney, TX 75070

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